Who We Are ?

Established in Egypt in 1996. HEIA expanded in a very short time to reach a large group of members who represent producers, exporters, suppliers of horticultural products and companies working in agricultural equipment and packaging material supply.

HEIA encompasses a group of highly qualified and recognized agricultural specialists and experts, as well as, offers a wide range of services.

Mission & Vision

Transforming Egypt into significant supplier of Horticultural crops worldwide.

HEIA is an industry-driven association supporting the Egyptian horticultural community (producers, exporters and suppliers) aiming to increase exports of fresh produce through continuous improvement of:

  • Quality Production.
  • Marketing.
  • Policy Advocacy.
  • Training
  • Management Assistance

Our Objectives

  • Improve, develop horticultural crops’ production.
  • Study and penetrate new markets for exporting horticultural products through working to achieve an integrated system for production, quality control, marketing, exporting and processing horticultural crops.
  • Provide the horticultural sector with the needed technical, technological, marketing and exporting information and production inputs to comply with the international standards.
  • Develop horticultural community services.
  • Cooperate with local and international bodies to bring forth sustainable development to the horticultural industry.
  • Lobby with government and top officials to effectively share with growers in decision making.
  • Help protect environment and encourage the use of environment-friendly practices.

Message From The Board

We are honored to have been chosen to lead the Horticultural Export Improvement Association over the next period of time, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunities and challenges that we face. At this point, the Association stands at a crossroad, mature in some fields yet untrained in others. We will work efficiently to grow complacent about the future. The success of the past is only a base but we still need to build. It will be an interesting time, and we look forward to working closely with all of you.

The Association serves the interests and initiatives of the entire industry. Those interests must be fully represented for us to well establish our position and stance. The membership of our Association should grow broader which will help us ensure that our activities will extend continuously.

We wish to provide, for all of us, a model of commitment and dedication in work. We know the coming years might be challenging but we want to guide the association through, never losing focus of our fundamental mission which is to hand over a stronger association with a brighter future. HEIA’s aim is to provide exporters with the most recent innovations in the horticultural export market, to train them and aid them in reaching the professionalism needed to penetrate the international market with confidence.

Last but not least, HEIA’s prosperity and growth can only be achieved by its members. We all hope that the level of activity and service will grow significantly during the next years though we emphasize that this will depend on you. We need your ideas, your commitment, and your participation if we are to enter boldly into the next phase.

We look forward to collaborating together towards that important goal.

Meet The Board 

Mr. Gamal Aziz

Vice Chairman

Mr. Helmy Ali Eissa

Board Member

Mr. Hisham El Naggar

Board Member

Dr.Adel ElGhandour

Board Member

Mr. Mohsen El Beltagy


Mr. Wasfy Migally

Board Member

Mrs.Mona Bishara

Board Member

Mrs. Iman Kamel

Executive Director