Perishable Terminal in Cairo

  • The HEIA perishable terminal – Owned by HEIA. operated in Egyot by Egypt Air cargo, under supervision and monitiring of HEIA – safeguards exports’ cold chain. Covering a total area of 24,000 m2, the perishable terminal was an addition to the agro-sector in Egypt, etablished in 2003 at Cairo airport to maintain the cold chain.


  • Enforcing Egypt’s competitive position within the international markets as the leading regional hub and gateway.
  • Meeting International market requirements.
  • Maintain the cool chain from grower to consignee, ensuring longer shelf life.
  • Increasing fresh produce exports by reducing export losses and introducing new products, consequently, increasing export revenues.
  • Utilize empty spaces on cargo planes.
  • To be the preferred perishable air cargo terminal and logistics support service provider in Egypt.


  • Enhancing cold chain as HEIA perishable terminal fills a missing link in the cold chain for perishable exports via air.Faster, better and more reliable handling services.
  • Facilitate exports of other perishables such as flowers and foliage.
  • Reducing the air freight costs by serving as a transit facility.
  • All internal transactions are computerized to ensure the provision of accurate and prompt services.
  • 24 hour one-stop-shop; including customs, imports/exports inspection, agriculture quarantine, and cashier.
  • There is no minimum/maximum and size/weight restrictions, the sizes and weights allowed for shipments are only limited by the type of aircraft flown on your chosen routing.
  • Shipment tracking system available for exporters upon request.
  • Calibrated scales and new X-ray devices.